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This is first time I’ve used “route you” after bike route toaster site disappaeared for a more than a week, and I’m impressed! 
I needed to travel between Shrewbury and Frodsham early Dec so routed it down back roads. 
AS I was just experimenting with the software I asked it to follow pedestrian rules 
so now and again had to use common sense in avoiding the half dozen maybe less footpath suggestions but they were always only minor short cuts anyway.
I was gobsmacked how it got me through housing estates and minor lanes without a hitch and avoiding major roads as far as possible. 
Result was a nice rural ride between with historic towns, pretty villages, interesting properties to gawp at and nice flat to rolling terrain. 
A few pulls over the Sandstone ridge near Kelsall but that aside no difficulties - if it was good in mid winter it woudl be a cracking ride in the summer.

Source: <a href="">Eastfellsider</a>

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