What's StreetView

StreetView is a functionality and a product of Google (part of GoogleMaps/Satellite), which allows you to take a virtual look on the spot, so to speak (vs. from the air that can be done via satellite images/air photos).

How to activate StreetView?

From a RouteYou Plus you can also use the Google map layers. Read more about that here. You can activate these Google map layers in most places where maps are used: in the RouteViewer, RouteZoeker, RoutePlanner, ...

Once you have activated the Google Map or Satellite (images) then the Google StreetView pegman  will appear on the bottom right of the map image. With the following steps you can effectively activate Google StreetView:

To return to the map view, close StreetView by clicking on the little arrow next to the location information. 

Go to the RoutePlanner here and give it a try.

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