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There are two cases to create a POI

Case 1: Add your information to a POI that exists already

A lot of locations already exist on RouteYou. You will see them along the routes, or you can search for them via the menu "Search Places of Interest" (read more about it here).

Here is an example of a POI that exist already.

We allow that you can add your information (create also a POI) to that location. So we allow multiple authors to add info to a location. We also allow that you add multiple set of inforation-blocks (POIs) to the same location. This way you can describe several items in several blocks, instead of making one long text. 

  1. Click on the pencil (see figure below) and select "Add data"
  2. The location info, name, type,... is already filled in, so you don't have to do this anymore. But you can still change it if you want! 
  3. Add your information - description - picture,...


Check out his video: 

Click on YouTube to enlarge the video!

Case 2: Add a POI from scratch (if no info about this location is yet available on RouteYou)

In case you want to create a POI from scratch, you select from the main menu (top left) "Add places of interest" (see figure below).

The absolute basic info to create a POI

The most simple POI has:

  1. a language (we fill this in already but you can change this)
  2. a name
  3. a location
  4. a type
  5. a description

So to be able to make a POI, that's the minimum you have to enter.

How to create a location

Video under construction

How to select a type

Add references and links to your POI

Read more about it here

Adding an address to your POI

There are two options

  1. Fetch from map: When you marked your POI on the map already, you can fetch the address from that point on the map. This is a reverse geocode. You can still edit the result if you don't like it.
  2. Mark on the map: You can enter an address, and clik the button "Mark on the map". The point of the address is marked on the map.This is a geocode. You can still reposition the dot on the map.

Check out this video to see Fetch fom map. Click on YouTube to enlarge the video. 

Check out this video to see Mark on the map. Click on YouTube to enlarge the video. 

Add pictures or videos

A good POI needs a picture or a video.

Read here how to add a picture or a video to a POI

More advanced stuff


You can adapt the colour the POI is shown on a map (theis is a feature of a Premium account or higher).

After this, add another place of interest

If you select this, you don't go to the location page to see your result, but you get back to the creation page.

This is very handy if you have to make a lot of POIs manually

Showing existing POIs on the map

Already possible. Video under construction

Showing an existing route on the map

Already possible. Video under construction

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