Add/improve info about your location

What to do if you see wrong information about your location or a location you know

A typical example is that you notice that the information about your pub, hotel, restaurant, organisation,... is not correct. Or it could also be about a general point of interest...

As RouteYou, we do respect that several authors can add information to ONE location. Here is a good example. But, YOU can add better information. And as RouteYou, we push the best information to the top (see further how we do this).

This is the best thing you can do

You can also contact the author. Read all about it here.

You can also obtain the POI+ service: There is a special POI+ service for commercial POIs and organisations where RouteYou offers to maintain your POI and make sure you get a lot of exposure on RouteYou. For obvious reasons, this is a charged service. Read here all about it...

What you should NOT do

Do not send us an email to change information about a POI unless there is a legal or ethical problem such as abusive language, shocking information or problems related to copyright. is a community site where the community improves the information and RouteYou selects the best information and pushes it to the top (and the bad one to the bottom).

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