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What is RouteYou Plus and who is it intended for?

RouteYou Plus is intended for individual users who make more than average use of RouteYou and who would benefit from a better working environment with more options.

What is included in a RouteYou Plus account?

In addition to all of the basic features that you already have with a RouteYou Free account, a RouteYou Plus account offers you the following extras:

  1. Ad-free use of RouteYou (read more)
  2. 30% faster surfing experience.
  3. Access to all Google map layers: Google maps, Google Satellite and Google Streetview (read more.
  4. Access to the RouteYou heatmaps.
  5. The ability to merge routes (read more).
  6. Consulting reference routes in the RoutePlanner (read more).
  7. Easily modify the routes of others:
    1. Invert a route (read more)
    2. choosing a different starting point for a route (read more)
    3. Split a route (read more)
  8. Access to the POI push: add or remove points of interest to your route quickly and easily (read more).
  9. Adding a route and overwriting an existing route while maintaining a stable RouteId (read more).
  10. Print your route on a topo map (NL, BE, DE) (read more)
  11. Print a guide of every available route (read more)
  12. Offline navigation with your smartphone (read more)
  13. Free access to all of the RouteYou training courses.


(Prices incl. VAT)

  Yearly Fee Set-up door RouteYou
RouteYou Plus € 35.99 n/a

How to order?

You can easily upgrade your RouteYou Free account to a RouteYou Plus account. Just sign in and then click on the Upgrade button in the top right-hand corner or in the main menu to go through the payment procedure. You can also try out a RouteYou Plus account for a period of 1 month without any obligation to buy.

I want more ...

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