Reference routes

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Goal of using reference routes

If you want to create your own route it's great to get inspired by other routes on RouteYou. That's what you can do with the new "Reference routes"-module in the RoutePlanner. The "Reference routes"-module allows you to select any public route on RouteYou and use it as a reference layer in the RoutePlanner. The functionality is a part of the MyRouteYou Plus account. You can always try it for free!

How does it work?


Respect the work of others. If you get inspired for a big part by one route or several routes of an author, it is recommended and polite to refer to that author and route in your description. Read more about copyright on this page.

Video tutorial and example

This video tutorial shows you how to make "The Essence of the Cycling Classic Paris-ROubaix" using Reference Routes:

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