Switch off routing

In the menu of the RoutePlanner, on the left side, you have the option Plan your route. You can select a type of routing.

When the routing is switched to "Manually" you can add intermediate points or reposition the points AT ANY SPOT YOU LIKE. A straight line will be drawn between the point you add or replace and its neigbouring points.

When you reach a road again where routing is supported, you can switch to another typ eof routing.

This allows you to draw a track or route along any path you like.

Remark: When you switch off the routing option, you have to draw the track point by point. So that might take quite some more time. Nevertheless, it allows you to cross parts the RoutePlannen does not send you along.

Remark: When using certain version of Internet Explorer as browser, you have to toggle twice to see that the routing is switched on or off.

You can draw a route anywhere in the world using the RoutePlanner by switching off the routing.

TIP: You can also switch to satellite images and aerial photographs

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