RouteYou Poster Print (A0)

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What's the RouteYou Poster Print (A0)

The RouteYou Poster Print is a (digital) map that shows the selected route on a background map and that is meant for purposes of making a poster print of this route map. The resolution (detail) is optimized for great quality printing up to A0-format.

The major characteristics

The major technical characteristics

Different flavours

We provide the map in three colour schemes

  1. Grey: The map is grey but the route is in colour. DOWNLOAD here an example.
  2. Semi-grey: The map is in a grey-light pastel colours, and the route in colour. DOWNLOAD here an example.
  3. Colour: The map is in full colour and the route too. DOWNLOAD here an example

What are you allowed to do with this print?

You are allowed to publish up to 10 poster prints, but not more because this product does not cover unlimited use of the map content.

Check the product Royalty Free Route Map for other purposes.

You are NOT allowed to provide the digital format for download or display on a website or any other electronic carrier. Check the product Royalty Free Route Map for other purposes.

Getting the print on paper or canvas

If you don't have a printer to print A0 you have the following possibilities:

Frequently asked questions

Why is the price of a poster print cheaper than the price of an A4 format? One would expect the opposite

The answer is related to how you are allowed to use the map. The poster print is for limited and personal or non-commercial use: see above "What are you allowed to do with this print file?". We provide a special product Royalty Free Route Map to provide a solution for integration of the route map in publications or websites.

I don't see this product option for some routes, what's the reason?

  1. We don't have a contract yet with the provider of data in this region.
  2. The size of the area needed to cover your route is too large.

I still want another, personalized layout for the print. Can RouteYou provide this?

Yes we can. Please contact sales[at-r.] .Take into account that the price will be much higher because we have to put some cartographers on top of this job to tune it to your liking.

Why should I pay for this file/print while the default prints are free?

There are the following reasons


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