Customizing the visualization of a route: the RouteDesigner

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The RouteDesigner permits you to change the default-color, opacity and thickness from your route in the RouteViewer and the related RouteViewerPlugin, and in the MapSearch and the related MapSearchPlugin. You can even set the color of the Mouseover action and a Selection. The background map and map layers can also be customized.

Using the "visualization" option in the basic data of a route, you can adjust the colors

Customizing the visualization of a route is an option available for Premium accounts and above.

Why would you do that? 

It is very useful in following circumstances:

How can you customize this?

You can only change the layout in your routes or routes you are co-author of. 

When you are logged in, you will see a "pencil"  at each of your routes.

What can you adjust

Layout items

You can customize the following 3 layout items

On top of that you can also change the icon

Example of a set of routes whose icon is colored red.


Here you can set which layout you prefer for which item.

With the exception of 'line: default', all effects are shown only on screen and not when printing routes. 

Where does it have an effect?

That depends on which situation item you select (see above). Probably you are most interested in the item Line: Default. That layout affects

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