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What is the RouteYou Mobile Website or Web App and how can I start it?

The mobile websites of RouteYou (or Web App) is the website as you know it from your desktop, but then on your smartphone.

  Option 1: You activate it easily by clicking on this link in your smartphone.
  Option 2: You will also get there if you enter "RouteYou" in Google on your smartphone.

Start in 1-2-3

  Choose one of the routes via the RouteSearch (use the "current position button" to quickly zoom in on your current location).

  Select the map option (top button next to the route info button - see figure below)

Click on the green start button (see figure below). You will receive a question about whether or not you want to record your route.

RouteViewer in navigation mode

If you have pressed the start button, the RouteViewer will go to navigation mode. That means that we now assume that you want to follow the route. A number of things happen automatically:

Why navigate via the RouteYou Mobile Website or Web App

10 reasons why you should definitely try to navigate a route with the RouteYou Mobile Website

  1. You do not have to install an app.
  2. If you are used to the RouteYou website, you will quickly become familiar with the Web App because it has the same structure. However, the Web App is adapted for small screens of smartphones.
  3. The map moves with your position and with your driving direction. Your position is indicated on top of the route.
  4. You can record your route.
  5. You can select numerous background maps along with your route. A few tips: the topo map allows you to see in detail where you are and with the detailed contour lines you have a good picture of upcoming slopes; the layer layers allow you to choose nice alternatives if you want to deviate from your route, ...
  6. With the RouteYou Mobile website you can use the RoutePlanner to calculate the most beautiful route from A to B when you are somewhere (eg from your current position home), and that with numerous preferences (eg the shortest route, via junctions, the most beautiful road, avoid unpaved, suitable for the racing bike, MTB, ...).
  7. With the RouteYou Mobile website you can quickly calculate a loop via the RoutePlanner if you are somewhere. In addition, you can enter the desired distance and you can choose from numerous preferences (eg via the most beautiful road, over junctions, avoid unpaved, suitable for the road bike, MTB, ...).
  8. Battery usage is more efficient than with native apps.
  9. You can see your position on the elevation profile and see if there are many slopes to come and when.
  10. There is no problem that routes are recalculated when you deviate from your route (as with many GPS devices).

Frequently asked questions about this topic

Do you get instructions when navigating?

Read here about Turn by Turn navigation

Can you work offline?

The mobile website does not work offline, without an internet connection. There is new technology (PWA technology) that will make this possible in the future and this is being investigated. If you want to work offline, your best man can use our native RouteYou app. Most users cite the following reasons for working offline

Is there a lot of data traffic when you are online?

The amount of data that you use when you cycle a day with the Mobile Website is only a fraction of the data consumption when you watch one YouTube video of 10 minutes. So this is no problem.

If you are in the outside basket, then the cost for the data consumption may increase. But if you do that within the EU, you pay the same cost as in your own country, because roaming costs within the EU are estimated. Check if you are active outside the EU.
And what if I don't have a receipt?

There may still be some very remote places where you have no reception, but they are becoming very rare. And your card is also buffered, so you won't notice a few minutes without a connection.

How do I get a button on my startscreen of my phone linking to the web app?

It is useful to have a button on your home screen of your phone. Then you don't have to search through "RouteYou" through your browser or Google to go to the mobile website. When you install an app, that button is automatically created. But it is very easy to do that through your browser. These are the steps:
In the case of an Android smartpone

   Go via your browser (eg Chrome, Firefox, ... or the Internet icon) to

   At the top right you see a hamburger menu (or 3 dots above each other). If you click on it, you will see the "Add to home screen" option. Ready!

In the case of an iPhone (Apple)

   Go through your browser (Safari) to

   At the bottom you see a bar with this icon .. If you click on that, you will see the "Add to home screen" option. Ready.

Alternative for the RouteYou Mobile Website

Not convinced? Then you can still use a native app to navigate, such as the RouteYou App or one of the many apps that we support through the download.


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