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As part of a MyRouteYou Premium account or MyRouteYou Pro account, you get to see a whole lot of statistics linked to your account and the content of your account (see figure below). 


Where do you find your statistics?

How to select specific statistics

Select the "gear" at the top right to select

The meaning of the statistics


You can export your statistics as a CSV file.

Some interesting suggestions

Variance in time

Have a look at the variance per day. This example above shows you a great variance in views per day.

Understanding the variances per day and your peak views might help you in your maketing strategy.


The ratio route downloads/route page views gives a good indication of the intensity of use of your routes. If it is above 10%, this is very good. 

Frequently asked questions

The statistics don't go back since I have my account?

Not all the statisics were implemented since the beginning. So that's why you might have no stats before a certain time.

How can I improve my exposure?



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