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RouteYou can teach you a lot about a route’s statistics and an author’s account. Both yours and others.

An example of some of the statistics are:

Everything is clickable and interactive. You can try it out with this example.

Where can I find the statistics?

If you are looking for your own statistics, go to your MyRouteYou page via your avatar 0be47b7f1d37cc0646d859920597136a_9f46d24de933d53f61d6ab3f06de3684d4d5a6ca.png at the top right. You can also visit the MyRouteYou page of another account by clicking on the author of a route, point of interest, event, etc.

Then select ‘Statistics’ 79fa5466d37a1bd919cbecf49dba7c62_2732841f5634bd53fe0ee0d629074030df8105da.png in the drop-down menu via the search button bafbfdf3830afb07bfa64a6397830dec_0847dc78635b490454994d32e6bf8e1cfcdbbdaf.png on the author’s MyRouteYou page.

How can I select specific statistics?

You have a large amount of data available on your statistics page. To select specific statistics (period, page views, downloads, ...), go to the section ‘More statistics’ at the bottom of the page.


The requested data are now retrieved and will be presented in the form of a graph.

Where can I find the number of downloads?

In the ‘Values’ drop-down menu, you will find numerous options, such as ‘Number of downloads of a specific route’ and ‘Most downloaded routes of all time’.

Please note! Many organisations focus (too much) on the number of downloads a route has had as an indication of its use or quality. Although the ratio of views to downloads may indicate that there is a problem with the quality of the route, caution should be exercised.

Can we conclude that the statistics tell us nothing? Of course not. We recommend comparing the RouteViews for a route with other routes from the same time and place, and then with other regions/accounts to get an idea of how well you are doing. Of course, you can also look in detail at other aspects, such as downloads versus visualisations, to see if something is wrong. But make sure to interpret it well. Or ask us for advice.

Understanding the statistics


You can export the statistical results as a CSV file.

Some interesting suggestions

Variation over time

Look at the variation per day. Understanding the variations per day and the peak and off-peak times can help you with your marketing strategy.


The ratio between a route’s downloads and page views gives a good indication of the intensity of use of your routes. Do you score above 10%? Then you are on the right track!

Frequently asked questions

The statistics do not go back to the beginning (the creation of my account). Why is this?

Not all statistics have been implemented since the beginning. That is why you might not see certain statistics before a certain date.

How can I improve my exposure (number of views)?

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