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What is a Route Buddy


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Bored to do an activity on your own? Why don't you invite somebody as Route Buddy? You can invite a Route Buddy (or Buddies) to join you on a specific route at a specific time.

How to indicate you are looking for a Route Buddy (or invite one)?


  1. Select (or search for) the route you want to invite a Route Buddy for (or create a route).
  2. Above each route map, you will see the button To Do/Done to indicate your planned or realized activity. Select that button.
  3. When you get to the Activity-creation page you will see the option at the bottom "Find a route buddy and/or invite others via an event". Mark this option!
  4. After confirming your activity you get to the "Event-creation" window where you can create/complete your invitation (Event):
    1. You indicate the type of event, in this case the type is "Find Route Buddy/Route Buddies".  
    2. Describe something about the level/difficulty of the route. It's not that great if there is no good conditional match between you and your route buddy(buddies).
    3. Read here more about creating an Event.

How can you look for a Route Buddy yourself?

Using the RouteSearch (->Search->Routes) you can find routes linked to an Event. Select "More options". 

You can select there events of a specific period/and or type. Select the event type "Route Buddy".



To be very clear: this is not a dating-site or concept! In case you would observe such a misuse, please contact us via

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