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Why become a member of a group?

How to add members to your group

Do it yourself

Ask them to do it

Is that in line with GDPR?

Yes, for the following reason.

If you add an email address in that group, that person will receive an invitation only once.

There are two options:

  1. The user accepts the invitation, takes an account on RouteYou (if that is not the case already) and becomes a member of your club on RouteYou
  2. If the user does not accept the invitation, no further use is made with the e-mail address (cf. GDPR). In other words, RouteYou does not store those e-mail addresses and will not send any other messages if nothing is confirmed.

How become a member from a group?


Can not-members see routes of my group? And private routes?

Not-members can see routes of your group when these routes are public. Private routes added to a group can only be seen by the members of that group (and the owner of the routes).

What's a 'join code' from a group?

You can set a join code in the administration of a group. A join code from a group is handy when you setted in the administration of the group that nobody can join the group but you want anyway allow some users to become a member of the group. In that case you set a join code and give the join code to the desired users. The 'join'-button is in that case visible for anybody but only users with a join code can join the groep and become a member.


Read here the item about Spam.



Hierarchy of membership

A member is of a specific type. Linked to that type are a set of rights

Become a member of a group

You can become member of any group if that is allowed by the group owner or group admin

(Read here how you can become member of a group or add members to your group).

(Read here how you can manange your groups as owner or admin).

Promote or demote a member

You can give a member more or less rights by promoting or demoting the member (member, author, admin, owner)

This is the process

  1. Log in first
  2. Go to your group (read here how to find your route)
  3. Select "Administration" of the group (tab top right of the group)
  4. Select the subtab Members
  5. At the bottom, you will find the list of the members of the group
  6. Select to the right of the members the options "promote" or "demote"

Remove/delete a member

Same method as to promote a member but select the option exclude.


If you have two accounts on RouteYou, you can make both accounts member of your group(s).

Promote yourself with your second account to Admin. The result is that you have all the rights of your group via the two accounts. So you can manage the group via both accounts.


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