Communicating with group members

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Communicating via comments 

If you are on the group page, just click the Comments 391f3f554df193fb976220ed018cf12e_7ab4b5f option via Share a47d278cc15304e371b6ceb7b0ef2fe4_b7b5224. You can also leave a comment by scrolling to the ‘Comments’ module at the bottom of the column on the left. 

Keep in mind that entering a message in this module will make it visible on the group page, and all members will receive it as a notification or email depending on their communication preferences

Are messages public or private?

Whether messages are public or private depends on the group settings (public or visible vs private or hidden).

Comments in private (hidden) groups can only be viewed by group members. In other words, it’s a great way to share information exclusively with those group members. 

Learn how to edit your group’s privacy settings here.

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