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What is Turn By Turn navigation (or TBT navigation)

Turn By Turn navigation (or TBT navigation) provides specific instructions at every turn you have to take. That instruction can be visual, through sensation (eg vibration in the steering rod) or can be auditory (a spoken instuction such as "turn right within 200m").

Does RouteYou offer Turn By Turn navigation?

As of 29/06/2022, RouteYou is offering spoken Turn By Turn navigation on both the Mobile Website and the Web App.

This feature will be a part of the paid PLUS account, but for the first few months it will be offered as a beta and as a trial for free to everyone.

How to activate TBT?

Currently, TBT navigation is still offered automatically. As soon as you start navigation along a route via the RouteYou mobile website or app, the TBT will be activated. 

However, you can adjust the settings via the Navigation Settings button . Here you can choose to (de)activate one or more settings:

Note! your settings will be remembered. If you deactivate the voice guidance, for example, it will be deactivated the next time you navigate a route. 

Why don't you get TBT navigation on some routes?

Instructions on your route

When you or another author create a route, you can choose the routing. With that routing, the path is calculated over the available road and path network. As the route runs over that network, instructions are also calculated. These instructions indicate things like "diagonally right on Stijn Streveulslaan". Almost all routing options do this. There is, however, one exception:

A uploaded route/recording/GPX

You can also upload a route on RouteYou (read more about it here). There is an option there that does NOT match the route to the underlying network. And then you will not get any instructions. That is the same effect as if you would draw the route manually.

How can you tell that there are no instructions?

1/ Deviating geometry

If you look closely at the geometry, you will see that in case of manual routing or uploading without matching with the network, the geometry differs from the roads and paths on the underlying map (see example below).

2/ Printing the road book

If you print the ROADBOOK, you will normally get a list of instructions. If there is NO match, you will not see any instructions.

View a sample route (select the print option) and have a look at:

Can you do anything about it?

Option 1: It is your own route

Yes, for sure. If it is your own route, you can edit the route using the route planner (read more about it here).

Option 2: It is a route of someone else

The yell

If you deviate from the route you will hear a yell. That way, if you're not paying attention for a moment, you'll know that you may have missed a turn or an exit, and that you're no longer following the marked route. So we just yell you back to the right path. 

Turn-by-Turn navigation with node routes

If you use the RouteYou Turn-by-Turn navigation in combination with node routes, you will enjoy some unique and very useful instructions. 

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