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We don't pay for content

We frequently get questions of people writing articles or blogs to publish there info. You can see below how you can do that and when it is alllowed and NOT allowed.

We also frequently get the question to pay for an article or blog. We don't do that.

Why would you publish your blog info on RouteYou

We frequently get the question of bloggers if and how they can publish their content on RouteYou. You can do this for free! But why would you? We give you three reasons: 

  1. We offer plenty of opportunities to link to your original blog(s) with your content to get more info and to make from a RouteYou visitor a visitor of your blog.
  2. We show your content along many routes and places with a link to your info. And with more than a million visits per month on RouteYou that means a lot of exposure.
  3. And, if your contributions are considerable, we can also make you part of our Publisher Partner Program where we share a part of the ad income.

There should be a match on the level of content

There is absolutely no problem if your info is related to places and/or routes. If not, please don't publish it here because it doesn't make sense for you or for the visitors of RouteYou.

Here are some great examples of a good match. 

Getting started

Here is how you get started:

  1. Create an account Read here how to do this
  2. Select a (part of your) story of your blog linked to a route or place and copy it.
    1. Create a route of your article is linked to a route. Read here how to do this
    2. Create a location and add/paste your text. Read here how to do this

Done. Make your POI as good as possible (pictures, links, classifications,...) because it will get a higher rating and more exposure.

You can follow-up your exposure via statistics. Read here how to do this

News item

If your blog/article is linked to the RouteYou activity but not exactly linked to a place or a route, you can also create a Newsitem. Read more about it here how to do this.

Go a step further

  1. As a blogger, you can upgrade to a MyRouteYou Premium account to get even more exposure. Read here about a Premium account.
  2. If your contributions are considerable, register for our Publisher Partner Program

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