Recalculating a route during editing in the RoutePlanner

We wait to recalculate till...

When you open an existing route with the RoutePlanner (=editing a route), we don't recalculate the track yet. This happened in the past the moment you opened the route in the RoutePlanner.

Only when you edit the geometry of a track, the RoutePlanner will execute a recalcualtion (e.g. when you resposition a waypoint or add an extra point).

Recalculating what? Based on what?

In your previous planning session, you indicated a routing option between each of the waypoint pairs you entered. E.g. "Race cycling nicest". It could be that it was the same routing option for each of the pairs, but that is not necessarily the case.

The recalculation is based upon the given routing options but makes use of the most recent network and the most recent routing algorithm.


Since we are continuously improving the network and the algorithm, you get the best result that way. 

Let's taken an example: 

You planned a racecyling route in the past, but in the mean time, a road is closed, and a road which we assumed was paved is in reality unpaved. Both of these aspects are updated in the database. Recalculating the route allows you to take advantage of these changes and get a better result.


Making this choice with obvious advantages has also disadvantages. Some authors prefer to keep the route exactly as it was. 

We advise you to use the option "Save as" when you save your route, so you keep the previous version of your route. In this case you can always go back to your previous version and compare it. 

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