POI Promo Pack - (Product sheet)

Your accomodation in the spotlight

The POI Promo Pack (POI= Point of Interest) is one of the advertising- and promotion possibilities on RouteYou (check out here the overview).

Purchasing a POI Promo Pack, your POI gets in the spotlight on RouteYou.

This is possible for hotels, B&Bs, campings, hostels, youth hostels... Basically any type of accomodation.

In the spotlight on all routes in the neighbourhood

The POI Promo Pack triggers that your POI (hotel/B&B,...) shows up at the top of the list in the box when the accomodation-icon is selected (see figure below) and the route-map (left) covers the location of you POI.  

On top of that, users can get more info about your POI (see figure below). We add a link (URL) to you page where users can book the accomodation (or contact info how to do that).

Your POI as part of a route

If a user activates the default POI-PUSH (read more about it here), your hotel/camping/B&B located along the route, is added to that route. That means your POI info is visible in

Price & extra options

(Pricing is excl. VAT.)

  Yearly fee  
POI Promo Pack € 99  

Extra options (optional):

  One off fee  
POI Creation (*) € 99  
Route Creation (**) € 250 for 3 routes  

(*) You can create and add the info of your POI yourself on RouteYou. But with this option, we do it all for you. Just send us the info of your POIs (title, description in multiple languages, pictures's, video's on YouTube or Vimeo if you have these, link for more info/registration/booking,...). We do all the rest.

(**) You can create routes starting at the front door of your B&b/hotel/camping,... yourself. But with this Route Creation options, we create 3 routes for you starting and ending at your hotel/Bb/,... You select the type of routes (default we take one walking route, one cycling route, one motorbike/car route). And if there is something wrong with these routes the first year, we change and update them for free.

POI Promo Pack part of MyRouteYou Pro

Are you an organization linked to/owning many hotels? In that case you are better of to take a MyRouteYou Pro account. With a MyRouteYou Pro account, ALL your hotels get the promotion of the POI Promo Pack (at a value of 99 euro per hotel). Read more about the MyRouteYou Pro account .

How do you order?

It is not yet possible to order online (we are workling on that). Please send a mail with the administrative info for the invoice (VAT number, address, contact person,...) to sales[at-r.].

Take it a step further

Once you have your POI(s) and a set of routes, you might like to take is a step further with a MyRouteYou Pro.


For a list of the RouteYou functionalities per type of account: have a look at the RouteYou Functionality Overview per accounttype.

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