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Why share a route

If you have found or created a great route, it can be useful or nice to pass it on to a friend, club member, participant, ...

With the share button you can easily send the route through WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, e-mail, etc. or integrate it on your website or blog.

If you choose to forward the route, RouteYou will send that person a message containing a link to the route. If one clicks on that link on smartphone then one will arrive at the route in the RouteYou Web App. There you can either navigate directly (read more about that here), or download the route to another app, GPS, make a printout,...

If you integrate the route into a website or blog, then a visualization of the RouteViewer will appear there with access to all the associated functionality that we offer from RouteYou. 

How to share a route

You can easily share a route in many ways.

  1. Click on the share button  
  2. Select one of the ways to share (e.g. via Email, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter,...)

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