Print branding

>> From a Premium account or higher.

With Print branding you can easily 'brand' the overview map, the roadbook and the guide with your corporate identity. 
This means that you can add a promo logo and/or banner to this print form. Each overview map printout made of your routes will feature your logo and/or banner. 

TIP: you can also use the promo banner to include the logos of your sponsors.

Upload your promo logo and your promo banner

  1. navigate to your Profile and then Public Data.
  2. Under Avatar, Logo and Header, which you can use to personalize your own MyRouteYou channel, you will find Promo Logo and Promo Banner.
    Load the desired files here and then click 'Confirm' at the bottom of the page.

Create your own Promo Banner

Read more here.

Custom Print branding

If you want to go one step further, you can also opt for Custom Print branding which entails a fully customised print design. Read more about that here.


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