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What is Custom Print Branding?

RouteYou you allows you to print beautiful maps as an overview, road book, guide, .... We offer these prints in the standard RouteYou formats and templates. But professional organizations might like to see their own branding reflected in those prints.

Check this example of Custom Print Branding below.

Custom Print Branding will brand the two types of prints (overview & roadbook) to your corporate identity.

There are plenty of options for branding your prints to your corporate identity. At the bottom of this page there are several examples visualizing this

How does it work

So there is 1 feedback loop. Several are possible, but that is not included in this fixed price.

Price overview

(Prices are exclusive VAT)

Custom Print Branding is only possible for Pro accounts and higher.

  Set-up Cost Yearly cost
Print Branding € 499 € 250 (gratis voor Enterprise)


Related info

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Input we need for custom Print Branding

Logo & banners

There are two spaces provided above and below the map image where there is room for branding. In these rooms we prefer to work with different parts in vector files instead of an image. This is because, depending on the format in which the map is requested by the user, the dimensions of the bars can change (e.g. landscape/portrait).

The top bar (usually) still contains the title and a QR code to the route on RouteYou, so I just work there with a logo in the left corner. Some customers also keep the information bar of the standard print at the top because you get even more information there about length, height meters, ... So you don't have to 'fill' this bar.

The bottom bar usually contains author-specific information. See examples below.


If you would like to use specific fonts, please provide the needed info.

Colors in map

Colors on the map image can also be adjusted, such as the color of the route, arrows on the route or points of interest to the colors of the forests and roads. Usually we work with a dominant color and font linked to the author of the route and keep the neutral colors of the default map.

A few examples of Custom Print Branding

Example without Print Branding

Examples with Custom Print Branding

Example of map tuning

Example wihtout profile and different label sizes

Example with integration of POIs in legend & frame

Other examples


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