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What's Map-prints on demand

Although we have a set of off-the-shelf maps ready to use such as the Royalty Free Mapprint, Topomap Posterprint and the RouteYou Poster Print in several flavours, some customers want a specific design and adaptation of the map.

With our service, Map-prints on demand, we offer the creation of maps in digital format, based on your design requests and needs. We take care of royalty and copyright issues. Most of our customers take it themselves to the printer, but we can also do this for you.

How we work to come to a low budget Map-Print on Demand

Initial offer

Most of the customers want a fixed price model (and not an hour model - in regie). We provide an offer based on following input of the customer:

  1. What's the goal/use of the map (to put on a wall/put in a brochure/...)
  2. Do you want to use the map print in an unlimited way (e.g. inside a brochure) or is the use very limited (<10 prints)
  3. What's the approximate print-size (A0,A1,...A6), so we can provide the correct resolution
  4. Do you have specific style requests (colors, fonts,...) or can you refer to an example of our Map Gallery you like (see below).
  5. What content do you want on the map (title, description, POIs, route or routes,...)
  6. Will the complete data input be provided via your account on RouteYou, or will there be an external delivery format (if so, which format)
  7. Timing and required throughput time

Please provide the above required input if you would request an offer/cost estimate.

General workflow after the OK of the customer

Output formats

In general, we provide the maps in digital formats but on request, we can also print it for you. In general, the customer arranges to get a print, because the cost to send it + timing is an advantage.

Digital formats

Most users select

Please let us know if you want something else. We probably can produce it.

(*) We advise you to use PNG (**) We don't advise you to use JPG because of the stragen effects JPG has on sharp borders

The Map Gallery: some examples of Map-prints on demand

The Map Gallery shows a set of maps to indicate that we can provide several "tuned" cartographic solutions.

It is always easy if you can refer to a specific style you like.

Cartography on demand



Erfgoedroute van de Gordel

Erfgoedroute van De Gordel

RouteKaart van Middelkerke met POIs

Routekaart van Middelkerke met POIs

Locatiekaart van Antwerpen met POIs


erfgoedroute gordel



RouteKaart van Middelkerke met POis


Locatiekaart van Antwerpen met POIs


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