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What is a "Royalty Free" product on RouteYou

From a Premium or Club account, prints with the RouteYou map background are Royalty-free.

If a download on RouteYou states that it is a Royalty-free product (or that you have the right to use it Royalty-free) then you can print and duplicate that product uncut. And you can do so in the original form or in a modified form.

In other words, you can make your own brochures, incorporate cards into a book,.... and distribute it without restriction. You can even offer it for sale!

Please note! You do need to have the rights to all the content in the routes (POIs, photos, texts). If that is your texts, pictures and route it is no problem. If it is not your data you need to make sure that it is allowed (see copyright of the info).

Attention! The "royalty free use" should be explicitly mentioned. You will see that it is NOT mentioned with the topo maps of Belgium. You are not allowed to offer these free of royalties either!

The royalty-free portion only applies to the service that RouteYou offers to present the data.

You do need to keep mentioning the explicit copyright of sources (e.g. map from OpenStreetmap, powered by RouteYou...). 

Some typical cases related to the use of this product 

The tourism service case

The publisher case

The flyer case

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