The Bucket List Challenge (Product Sheet)

What is the "Bucket List Challenge"


The bucket list challenge is an ideal way to


Concept and assignment

The user assignment is to visit as many places as possible from the “Bucket List Challenge X” (whether or not in a given time period or as quickly as possible).

The user that visits

wins a prize ...


Determine the Bucket List Places

RouteYou can compile the Bucket List Places for the customer, and within the framework/territory and type of activity (cycling, walking, etc.).

It is of course best that those Bucket List Places have something to do with the concept of your organization / product / objective.


Track detection

Algorithms detect whether the tracks are indeed covered with GPS and are not "copied". It is also checked whether those tracks have been obtained according to the desired mode (walking, cycling, canoeing, ...).

Marketing via the bucket list challeng

The bucket list challenge is not only a fun way to engage with your customers (build loyalty), it is also an excellent way to introduce the RouteYou community to your organization / services / products.

This is how the user of the RouteYou community gets to know your Bucket List Challenge:

Cost price

As an organization, you must have at a Pro account or higher to activate the Bucket List:


  One-time Set-up Yearly use
Bucket List Challenge € 999 (excl. VAT)

€ 1.499 (excl. VAT) - up to 15 Bucket List Places

    € 2.999 (excl. VAT) - tot 50 Bucket List Places
    € 4.999 (excl. VAT) - tot 100 Bucket List Places
    € 9.999 (excl. VAT) - tot 500 Bucket List Places


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