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The complete circle

RouteYou built a platform to get your tourism routes through the complete recreational circle as shown in the figure below. And this as well from a user's point of view as from an organization's point of view.

Het RouteYou platform

This means that we built a platform where you can as well create your routes and POIs, maintain, publish, share, present routes with multimedia, classify, group, present on your platform (website), use as print or on gps or on smartphone,...follow up statistics, get feed-back, update your network,...

Fore more detailed info about this, check out this link.

Let us walk you through the main aspects of this flow and why RouteYou might be a good solution for you on one or all of these aspects.

An excellent channel to promote routes and places in your region

RouteYou has more than 1 200 000 visits per month on their platforms (, mobile website and smartphone apps). A lot of tourism organizations use the RouteYou platform to spread their content and to get in the picture. Below, you will find some success stories and great examples. A typical good performing tourism organization on RouteYou gets about 20 000 views per month and more than 200 000 views per year on the RouteYou platform alone. And that doesn't include the views on their own website.

Put yourself in the spotlight with a Pro account

With a Pro account you get extra visibility and a great set of tools to follow up the statistics and maintain your account and routes.

A lot of functionality to make use of your routes and route-accomodation

Get people on board with the RouteViewer

The RouteViewer allows the user to get convinced about your great routes: 

And this can be displayed on the RouteYou website or your own (mobile) website.

Read here more about the RouteViewer

Example of a RouteViewer (plugged in in this help page)

Search and group the routes you have

Via the RouteYou platform, you can classify and group your routes in as many ways and dimensions as you like. 

The MapSearch allows you to present these grouped routes in your website or on the RouteYou platform, so you can focus your users on what kind of specific sets you have to offer in your region.

And is also allows your users to search in the long tail of all these great routes and/or locations you provide. As well on your RouteYou account as on your own website.

Read more about the MapSearch plugin

Routeplanners tuned to your area and activity

Make use of the routes on a variety of platforms

You don't want to limit the use of your route to one specific platform or app. You want to support the use of your routes in as many ways and on as many platforms as possible. After all, it is hard to predict what kind of devices the visitors of your area have today or tomorrow.

That's why the RouteYou platforms opens up your content in as many ways as possible.

Feed-back about your routes

Users can: 

All of this information is shared with you so you know what's going on. And you are the first to know.

With a Premium or Pro account, you get a detailed view on your statistics.


And on top of that, we can provide extra specific information such as heat-maps or create any other analysis on demand.

Printed maps

You might like to use also classic printed maps for your events or brochures. We have a great set of maps online available. But if you want to do more, we also provide cartography on demand.

Integrate all the info in your own (mobile) websites and apps

All the info you maintain via the RouteYou CMS, you can use in your own website via plugins and web services. So there is no limit to what we provide as functionality. You can just add yours on top.

Production and support

You don't have much time to convert your analogue or digital data to routes, routenetworks and POIs? Our experienced data engineering and geomatics team can do this for you. 

Revenue models

Interested in revenue models? Contact us via and find out how you can make money with your content.

Some great examples

Many bigger and smaller tourist organisations are using RouteYou to create and maintain routes and to promote tourism for their region. Have a look here.

Here are a few great examples


Check here the overview page of our Premium and Pro accounts.

Check here the portfolio of RouteYou to get a broad overview of our activities.


Contact us. Here is our contact info.

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