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On RouteYou can also follow other RouteYou users or accounts. You do not need a paid account for this but you do need to register.

Why follow an account?

Is there a specific account that you regularly turn to when looking for routes? Do you have friends, family or acquaintances who also use RouteYou? Then you can choose to follow their RouteYou activities.

How to (de)activate?

Surf to the MyRouteYou channel of the account you would like to follow and click on the share button   . Now choose "Follow account".

If you want to stop following a specific account, take the same steps. It will now say "Unfollow account"

The consequences

Depending on your [help=100#communication-preferences]communication preferences[help] we will send you messages as a notification and/or via mail.

Here's an overview of the messages you can expect when following an account.

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