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What are sponsored routes?

Sponsored routes are routes that are pushed to the top of the search list. As such, sponsored routes are a great way to promote your routes and get more exposure for your routes.

Is quality not enough to come at the top of the list?

To improve the quality of the routes is a very good way to increase the chances (read more about it here) to get at the top of the lists. But there are many other reasons why a route is shown at the top of the search list such as popularity, being part of somebodies favorite list, recent update of the route, usage... (read more about it here).

But there are so many routes on RouteYou, that the competition to get at the top is hard. And that's why Sponsored Routes is a good solution to get guarantees about the exposure.

Clear indication

It is clearly mentioned to the user the routes in the list are sponsored routes.

Fulfilling the search criteria

We target your route to the correct audience. That means we only show sponsored routes when the criteria are met in the search field. A few examples:

How to follow-up on your succes of your campaign

How to order a sponsored route campaign

Send an e-mail to sales[at-r.] and indicate:

Price model

(Prices excl. VAT)

  Price/1000 exposures  Remark
Sponsored routes € 3.5 minimum budget of 700 euro. That includes the set-up.

This means that with a budget of 700 euro, you get 200 000 guaranteed exposures via the search.

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