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Old RoutePlanner vs New RoutePlanner

We suggest you to have a look at creating a route with the New RoutePlanner. Here below you will find info about using the Old RoutePlanner.

Here you can activate the New RoutePlanner on RouteYou. 

To activate the Old RoutePlanner, you need a Plus account. If you have a Plus account, you can find the link to the Old RoutePlanner at the top right above the New RoutePlanner. 

Video tutorial

Step by step

Activate the Routeplanner

Start with the logging in. Activate the Routeplanner via the main menu (-> Create) or select this link.


The planner has many options/functions. These functions are called Modules which you can activate. Each module has its own set of functions. Important to know is that the actions you do on the map (e.g clicking), has a different effect depending on the active module. Example: When the Planner module is active, clicking on the map results in creating a Waypoint. When the Create POI module is active, clicking on the map results in creating a POI.

A few examples of the modules

Select the type of routing you want

The Routeplanner allows you to calculate and plan based on a specific type of routing:

Read here how you can select the type of routing and what fits your goal.

Find the start of your route on the map

To indicate the start of your route, you better zoom in on the map near that position. There are a few options to get there:

Indicate the start of your route

Click once on the map. The result is a red dot on the map. This is a Waypoint (in this case a start point). On the left, you will see the point in the list with an address in the Planner module.

Reposition your map

It could be that your next Waypoint you want to enter is outside the map-area you currently see. You can pan or zoom out on the map to solve this (read more about panning or Zooming).

Create an extra Waypoint

Click again on the map. The result is that between the previous Waypoint and this Waypoint a route is calculated with a specific Routing method (read here more about Routing methods and options). Depending of the type of Planner you use, the default Routing method might be different. In most cases, the default Routing method is "Bike - nicest (- unpaved) = we calculate a "nice" route for a cyclist and avoid unpaved paths. Obviously you can change this option (read here more about changing Routing methods and options)

You will first see a straight line and very quickly you will get to see the calculated route.

Every time you click you create a Waypoint and you will also see this in the Waypoint list on the left in the Planner-module.

Error messages

Not pleased with the result?

Although we suggest a routing with the Routing options we provide, you can adapt the track you created so it completely follows the routes and paths you want (even if we don't have those paths!).

This is how you can do this:

  1. Reposition a Waypoint (read here how to do this)
  2. Add an extra Waypoint at the place you want to pass (read here how to do this)
  3. Change the routing method (read here how to do this)
  4. Manually draw your path (read here how to do this)

There is also the option to delete a Waypoint: select left in the list a WayPoint and remove it by clicking on the red cross.

Print your route

Select the module on the left "Print your route". This provides you a basic print or QuickPrint. See for more options of printing the possibilities when you Save a route (see below).

Save your route!

To save your route, you can activate the "Save your route module" (left).

After entering the required info, you get to a page to add additional info:

Your route is now being processed. During that process a lot is going on:

Do even more with you route

Read here how to

The RouteSuggestion

The RouteSuggestion is a module in the RoutePlanner that allows you to create very quicky a route.

Other option/method to create a route

You can also record a route with a GPS. In that case you can upload a route (read here more about it)).

Or you can record a route with Smartphone apps such as OrbitCycling and upload them directly from your phone.


For a list of the RouteYou functionalities per type of account: have a look at the RouteYou Functionality Overview per accounttype.

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