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The possibilities

The free trial month



If you register on RouteYou, during the registration process you will immediately be given the option to activate a free RouteYou Plus trial for the duration of 1 month. If you prefer not to, you can simply deactivate this option. You can still activate this benefit at a later, self-selected time. Go to the upgrade page and choose 'Try for free' at the bottom of the column of the desired subscription.

Special offer

In some circumstances, for example linked to an event, we offer a special benefit on behalf of RouteYou or in cooperation with a partner. This may be a RouteYou Plus or Premium subscription for 3 or 6 months. Along with a promotional code, the corresponding terms and conditions as well as the instructions for activation are always provided. 

What you need to know

There are no hidden costs associated with these benefits, nor do we ask you to enter any payment details. If you are not convinced of the additional benefits of a RouteYou subscription after the one-month trial period, your account will automatically be converted back to a RouteYou Free account.

If you decide to purchase a RouteYou subscription after the trial period, then for the price of 12 months you will have enjoyed 13 months of RouteYou Plus or RouteYou Premium benefits!

Please note that this is a one-time benefit. So you cannot enjoy a free RouteYou Plus or Premium trial month multiple times on one account unless it is a special offer.

Frequently asked questions

Does a RouteYou Plus trial subscription automatically turn into a paid Plus?

No. We do not request payment details when activating your RouteYou Plus trial. It is therefore not possible to convert the trial subscription to a paid subscription just like that. If you choose not to switch to a paid RouteYou Plus subscription, your account will be converted back to a RouteYou Free account at the end of the trial month.

I have a RouteYou Plus subscription without payment. ow is that possible?

During the registration process, you were offered the option to activate a RouteYou Plus trial month (see figure at top). If you did not tick this option then it was activated automatically. Don't worry, there are no costs involved. If, at the end of the month, you are not convinced of the RouteYou Plus advantages, your account will be converted back to a RouteYou Free.

I want to stop my trial subscription

Actually, there is no reason to because it will automatically expire after one month. No costs will be charged. If you want to activate a RouteYou Plus right away, that's possible too. The start date of the payed subscription will start after the expiration of the trial month. So for the price of 12 months, you can enjoy the RouteYou Plus benefits for 13 months.

Would you rather not take advantage of this free trial month and deactivate your free RouteYou Plus? Then send an email to

I have a code for a free 3 or 6 month trial but cannot activate it?

If you have a code for a free trial period of 3 or 6 months thanks to a promotional offer but you are unable to activate it, please check your purchases page to see if you are currently using a RouteYou Plus trial. If so, you will only be able to activate your promo code after your current RouteYou Plus trial expires. 

Please note that every benefit on RouteYou is a one-time offer. You can therefore only enjoy the RouteYou Plus trial month once per account. The same applies to a 3 or 6 month RouteYou Plus trial subscription. 

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