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Maps and visualisation-topics

RouteYou gives you the opportunity in numerous places to select other or different map layers. You can set your choice by clicking on the map layer icon  at the top right of the map.

You will find this at:

The choice of map layers consists of 2 or 3 blocks:

Map layers per region / activity

Not all map layers are always shown. This is partly determined by the availability per region and the suitability in relation to a certain routing or route type. Some examples: 

Map layers overview

Background maps

You have the choice of:

  1. The RouteYou map was developed with a focus on outdoor route planning and outdoor navigation. The available information is tailored to this so that you are not distracted by superfluous information. The map is based on the OpenStreetMap but looks different. To the legend.
  2. OpenStreetMap (OSM) is a world map created by the community and to be used under open license. The level of detail in that regard may vary from place to place.
  3. The Topo Map of the Netherlands is a rather static map to which we have also attached a Belgian topo map. To the legend.
  4. The Topo Map Belgium is a detailed topo map for territory Belgium. A topographic map is a map for general use that describes the surface of the earth as faithfully as possible. To the legend.
  5. The France Topo MapTo the legend. 
  6.  The well known Google maps. Since Google's map prices suddenly became up to 40x more expensive, it is only available from a Plus account
  7.  Satellite images are also offered by Google. For the same reason, these too are only available from a Plus account.
  8. OpenCycleMap is a derivative of OSM but with a focus on information relevant to cyclists, such as the main cycling networks and long-distance cycling routes. A la légende. 
  9. OpenWalkMap is also a derivative of OSM but with a focus on relevant hiking information. A la légende.

TIP: With both the Google map and satellite images, you can also activate Google StreetView . This is a virtual representation of the surroundings, built up from panoramic images. This makes it seem like you can look around on the spot. 

Map layers

A map layer is a layer of extra information that you as it were put on top of your background map. The range of map layers can change depending on the background you choose. 

The possibilities:

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