URL structure and short URLs on RouteYou

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URL of a Route

The basic structure

This is an example o a URL of a route


It contains the following main parts

Shortening the URL /

As you can notice from the description above, you can make the url much shorter:

e.g. https://www.routeyou.com/route/view/44

We also allow you to use a very short URL which is handy if you want to mention a link in a document people have to copy in their browser.

e.g. www.routeyou.com/r/44

URL for dowload

The structure of the URL to get to the download of a route is




URL of a location

General structure

This is an example of a URL of a location


The short version is


You can add just the language indication to the url:

In case you have several items linked to a location, you can indicate which item you want to have at the top:

URL of a theme or characteristics

The basic structure

The basic URL to link to a theme is


The basic structure to link to a characteristics is


If you want to enforce to get to a specific language, you add the language parameter:



But you can combine the two. An example where you get to see POIs in Dutch in a specific Bounding Box, and POIs linked to the characteristic Funny and belonging to the theme History.


Some great combinations to link to:

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