Recognized Organization for Charity (ROC)

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What is an ROC?

An ROC or Recognized Organization for Charity is an organization that has been recognized by RouteYou as being committed to a good cause. RouteYou helps these organizations through practical sponsorship on the RouteYou platform. More specifically, this means that we support the organization in question by offering free functionality on the RouteYou platform and help promote the events linked to the charity. Read what that entails here.

How can your organization become an ROC?

Contact info[at-r.] and provide your contact information as well as what charity you work for. We will review your submission and then be happy to assist you by making your account a "charity" account.

Upon positive evaluation, you will be invited to become a member of the ROC (Recognized Organization for Charity) group. If you become a member, your account will receive a free upgrade to a Premium account. 

RouteYou reserves the right to eliminate accounts, content and privileges in the following cases:

What can you, as a charity, achieve with RouteYou?

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