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What is the RouteYou map?

The RouteYou map, the standard map layer was developed with a focus on outdoor route planning and outdoor navigation.

That is why it was decided to only show the information that is essential for those two purposes. This way you are not distracted by an overdose of information.

The map is based on OpenStreetMap and is hosted and offered with Thunderforest technology.

Specific characteristics of the RouteYou map

The map allows to be oriented in any direction, an essential feature in navigation. This way you can always read the labels that are displayed.



Orange: motorways & expressways


Yellow: primary (yellow with orange border) and secondary roads (yellow with grey border)


White: roads mainly intended for car - destination roads


Dotted blue line: paved cycle paths - car-free


Orange dotted line: footways

Green dotted line: bridleways

Black dotted line: paths mainly intended for cyclists and hikers (unpaved and paved)


Full thin black line: railway


Blue: streams and rivers


Thin gray continuous line: contour lines (height in meters)


Roads and paths with limited access for all modes (for example private)


Bold: municipalities, cities, villages

Light: neighborhoods, hamlets, small villages



Gray: built-up area


Dark gray: buildings & building complexes


Gray-green: nature reserve


Green: forest


Green: rows of trees


Blue: water (rivers, canals, ponds)


Blue: water (ponds, lakes, seas, ...)

Difference from other map layers

Example - Austerlitz-Nederland region

This set of maps shows you the difference between the RouteYou map and other map options offered.

The successive maps are: (1) RouteYou-Map, (2) Google Maps, (3) OSM - Neighborhood, (4) Topo map of the Netherlands.


Example - Bourgoyen-Ossemeersen Ghent, Belgium

The consecutive maps are: (1) RouteYou Map, (2) Google Maps, (3) OSM - Neighborhood, (4) Topo Map of the Netherlands




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