References about a route or POI

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Where do you see the reference about a route

At the bottom of the Route description, you can see in the example above

The Source informs the user where the author got her/his inspiration from (see also the topic Copyright).

The "More information"-link sends the user to a page where more info can be found about this route: this could be your website, a blog, Wikipedia, a picture site, Youtube...

Where can you add info about the reference of a route

(1) Select the "Edit-menu" (log in first)

(2) Select the "Basic data" option from the menu

Under the Description, you see the option to add

(see figure below)

Why should you fill this in?

Promotion of your website/blog

It is a great way to lead users who find your route on RouteYou to your website or blog. This is called link building. If this is done in a correct way (e.g. there is more info to find about a route on the other side of the URL) this is possitive for your website. We don't only allow it, we encourage it! 


If this is done in an incorrect way (e.g. this is pure promotion for another site, and has nothing to do with the route) this will be punished for SEO (by engiens such as Google) but we also will take the necessary actions to remove these links, your content and your account if neccessary. 

Don't do double work

If you made a great blog or description about your route, it is no use to copy all that info here. This way you can avoid double work and lead the users to the available info.


If you get inspired by somebody's work, it is courteous to mention that in your work.  

Read also the topic page on Copyright.



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