Visualization of a place of interest or POI

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For whom?

This functionality is available to users with a Premium account or higher. In addition, you can only modify the visualization of places of interest or POIs of which you are the author.

What exactly can you customize and why should you do this?

Through the Visualization you can adjust the color of the icon of a POI. This can be useful when you want to make one or more POIs stand out. It's also a way to extend your branding to the POIs you offer. 

Where can you customize the visualization?

To customize the visualization of a POI follow these steps:

  1. Go to the detail page of the POI you wish to customize.
  2. Go to Visualization  via the Edit button (pencil  ).
    > You will now be taken directly to the correct item within the basic data of your POI.

Where can you see the effect?

If you modify the visualization of a sight or POI then this alternative view will be visible:

The effect is not visible in the general POI search module.

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