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The News/Event Promo Pack is one of the advertising and promotion options on RouteYou (get an overview of the options here).

When you create a news item, event or blog with a link to your site, routes, blog,... we promote it to our RouteYou Community via our

The RouteYou Newsletter is sent to more than 115 000 users (for more info, contact our

The news item should fit in the interest of the RouteYou users. If you want to know what RouteYou is all about, check this link.


(excl. VAT)

  Per message & per language published to our community
News item/Event item promotion € 500 per language

This is a fixed amount, independent of the effect of your news item.

How to order? Please contact sales[at-r.].


Frequently Asked questions

Can we write a sponsored article / guest post on RouteYou

Yes. But only if it is related to the topics RouteYou covers (recreational routes, interesting places to visit,...). If in doubt, describe what you want to write about and send it to

We publish is as a sponsored news item for the price as described above. For information about the reach of the news items, see above. Of course, it depends a lot on the quality of the newsitem if users share it and provide extra promotion.

Can we add links in our sponsored article / guest post?

Yes. But by defaul they have the nofollow-link.

So this is the answer to the following questions

Do you provide link insertions (niche edits)

No. We don't.

How to write a sponsored article / sponsored news item

Read more about it here.

If the news item is not linked to topics RouteYou covers, we will remove the article.



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