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What is Satmap

Satmap is an outdoor GPS device. Read more about it here.

How to upload a route from RouteYou to your Satmap

You need an Active 20 or Active 12 GPS device. These are the steps to follow

  1. Get the GPX from RouteYou to your PC / MAC
    1. Go to the route you want to use (here is an example)
    2. Press the Download button
    3. Select "Most Used" - GPX: it will download the GPX file to your PC/MAC
  2. From you PC / MAC to your SATMAP
    1. Ensure that SatSYNC is loaded on the customer’s PC / Mac. If not, it can be downloaded from here :
    2. Ensure that SatSYNC is running in the desktop
    3. Connect the Active 20 / Active 12 via USB cable.
    4. Then just drag & drop the GPX file onto SatSYNC …
    5. File can be stored in either Internal Memory – or in SD Card (if one is fitted)

Windows Explorer or Mac Finder can also be used to Drag and Drop GPX files – but if they contain numerous objects – then SatSYNC is the best tool.

More about Satmap

If you want to read more, check the USER GUIDES :



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