Placing routes on a Wahoo device

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Place a route on your Wahoo via the Wahoo app

Download the file directly to your smartphone as a gpx file. Open it there with your Wahoo ELEMNT app.

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Place a route on your Wahoo via your computer / laptop / Mac

You can link your device directly to your PC and manually place the gpx file in the correct folder on your device. Once the device is connected to your PC, it will appear as a removable disk. The gpx file must be placed in the correct folder, namely the folder 'routes'.

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"I am not getting any instructions on my Wahoo device. What can I do about it?"

A Wahoo Element and Bolt do not generate instructions on an imported gpx from RouteYou. A Wahoo Roam does this automatically if you have the latest firmware (from WR10-3526) and the latest map updates.

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