Recording your route with the MyRouteYou Mobile App

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Why record?

The reasons why you might like to record your route are as follows: 

How to activate the recording

You will notice that the Route View has a START button (see image above). When you select the START button, you will get the option to record your route (or not).  

When you are done, press the STOP button.

The route is now saved as a new, private route.

A link with your activities

An activity is automatically created. Your activity-overview allows you to see the total distance per type of activity, or how many times you were active. Read more about these activities here.

What about my privacy? 

Your recorded routes are only available to you. The default setting is that these recorded routes are private. This means that only you can access them, after logging in. 

If you want you can make them public, in case you want to share them with somebody.

For more info about the privacy policy on RouteYou, please check the following info.

Your recorded route as a base for doing much more

You can still do much more with your recorded route on the RouteYou website. 

You can:

For more info about the app and how to download it, read more here.


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