RouteList plugin

This plugin is deprecated. Please switch to the new MAPSEARCH 2.0 plugin.

The RouteList

The RouteList is a list of routes which are linked to the RouteViewer. The content of the RouteList can be defined by a set of parameters (see further).

The RouteList can be displayed on your own website using the RouteList plugin, one of the many widgets provided by RouteYou.

Why using the RouteList in your site

The advantages of using the RouteList in your own website (rather than making your own list) are the following

Plug in the RouteList in your site

By adding the code below into your page, you can replicate the route list on your own website.

<script type="text/javascript">
    routeyou_list_width = 256;
    <!-- the width should be minimal 256 -->
    routeyou_list_height = 550;
    routeyou_list_language = 'nl';
    routeyou_list_location = 'sint-lievens-houtem';
    routeyou_list_link = '';

<script id="routeyou_script_id" src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

As indicated, the width should be minimal 256 pixels!

This example shows a list of routes on the town of Sint-Lievens-Houtem.

More options with the routelist

You can define the layout, content and behavior of the RouteList based on the following variables:

Layout variables

Content variables

You can display the routes of a specific group (read more about using groups to manage your routes) or of a specific user.

The RouteYou+ service of the RouteList: linking to routes in your own website

The default (and free) use of the RouteList is that the clickthrough on a route brings you to the website of

There is a RouteYou+ service of the RouteList which allows you to stay on your own website.

You provide the following variable

Click here to read about linking RouteLists to the RouteViewer in your own website.

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