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Goal of splitting a route

Sometimes you created or tracked one route, but you want to separate it in two or more parts. That's what you can do with the "Split a route" functionality. The functionality is a part of the RouteYou Plus account (or higher). You can always try it for free!

How does it work?

  1. Go to a route (this can be your route or the route of another author) on RouteYou.
  2. Click 'Edit'. 
  3. Click 'Split route'.
  4. Now choose your split points: mark one or more points on the route and click 'Split route'.

The result will be saved as two or more new routes (assembled into a group). The original route will be preserved.


Respect the work of others. If you get inspired for a big part by one route or several routes of an author, it is recommended and polite to refer to that author and route in your description. Read more about copyright on this page.


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