Route merge

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Goal of merging routes

Sometimes you created or tracked two or more separate routes, but you want to make a complete, large new route from these separate routes. That's what you can do with the "Merge routes"-module in the RoutePlanner. The "Merge routes"-module allows you to select any of your routes and any of the public route on RouteYou and combine them in the RoutePlanner to a new route. The functionality is a part of the MyRouteYou Plus account (or higher). You can always try it for free!

How does it work?

Please note! For now, this feature only works on the Old RoutePlanner and not yet in the default RoutePlanner. Find out how to activate the old route planner here!

The basics

Some advanced stuff

Inverting a single route

Although there is a more simple method to invert any routes directly via the RoutePage you can also use this module "Merge routes" to get that result. This is how you can do this: 


Respect the work of others. If you get inspired for a big part by one route or several routes of an author, it is recommended and polite to refer to that author and route in your description. Read more about copyright on this page.



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