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Startracker provides you a lot of extra info about your route or recorded track (see below). And you can also give feed-back on it. Read more about Startracker here.


image type description
Paved Represents the portion of the routes which is paved and unpaved based on tagging in
Cycleways Represents the portion of cycleways in the route based on tagging in
Cobblestones Represents the portion of roads with cobblestones paving based on tagging in
Singletracks Represents the portion of paths with the characteristics of a singletrack
Traffic load Indicates the possible traffic load on the roads in the route. The traffic load is based on the road types in the route. In addition, the portion of roads which are car free is indicated. Car free roads are roads created for slow traffic which are not parallel to roads with a heavy traffic load.
Noise pollution Indicates the peace and quietness of your route.
Ferry Indicates ferries along your route based on tagging in

Landscape characteristics

image type description
Nature landscape Portion of the route in or near natural areas.
Urbanized Area Portion of the route in or near urbanized areas.
In de buurt van water Portion of the route along or near water.

Group size

The maximum group size gives an indication of the accessibility of the analyzed route for race cyclist groups. 

image type description
solo Unpaved paths were detected along your route. The proposed route is best done solo.
small group Cycleways and smaller road were detected along your route. The route is best accessible for smaller groups.
grupetto Few cycleways and small paths along your route. The route is accessible for larger groups.
grupetto with car No small paths were detected along your route. accessible with car.

Dominant direction

  1. Describes the general direction of the route. This is calculated as the direction from the startpoint to the furthest point from the startpoint along the route as the crow flies.
  2. The direction is split up in different direction components. Only components comprising more than 10% of the route are shown.

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