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What does a ContentCode do?

The Content Code is fast method for your users to get to YOUR routes. Just entering one code you defien and it is done. That avoids a search through the several millions of routes on the RouteYou platform. Great if you are a club, a B&B or a tour organizer to offer immediate access to your routes for you customer.

COntentCode module

How does it work

  1. Start the RouteYou app on your smartphone
  2. Select the Content Code option in the menu
  3. Enter your Content Code
  4. Go to RouteOverview to see the selected/linked routes


Check out this cideo to see a great case why this is useful:


How to obtain Content Code

You can offer a Content Code to your customers if you have a Premium, Pro of Enterprise Account on RouteYou.

Click here to send an email to info[at-r.] with the following info:

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