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What is the Publisher Partner Program RouteYou?

The Publisher Partner Program (P³) from RouteYou is a (co-) earningmodel based on the ads on your content on the RouteYou website (

Based on the Publisher Partner Program, RouteYou will share 30% of the NET revenue from ads on your pages (your home, your routes, your group, your POIs).

For many parties with a large number of routes (+/- 100 or more) this migth be a nice extra income.


To qualify for the Publisher Partner Progam you must meet the following conditions

How do you apply as candidate for P³

The process is as follows

How does it continue after the activation?

What can I expect in revenue?

Influencing parameters

Advertising revenues depend mainly on the following parameters:

You can not do much about the latter two elements. On the first element you can do a lot (see below).

Indicative figure

If you have about 100 000 page exposures the total revenue from ads amount to about 300 euros. So your share is 100 euros. For a popular route you can expect to gets easily over 5000 to 10 000 exposures per year.

How can I increase my advertising income?

Check out the following tips to increase your ad revenue

Bring in advertisers

Probably you are in touch with a number of organizations who would like to put their ads on your routes. Think about catering establishments along your routes, the sponsors of your club and/or events, rental companies, ... You can offer them a targeted ad campaign along you rcontent. That is possible from 250 euros (or more). Also on that amount you will get 30%.

FAQs - frequently asked questions

Can I stop this at any time? And do I get yet my share?

Of course you can always unilaterally stop the Publisher Partner Program. And you get your share for the earned amount.

Can RouteYou unilaterally stop the Publisher Partner Program? And do I get yet my share?


The most obvious reason is that we see that there has been abuse by you or your organization and / or your activities are contrary to the conditions we stipulate in our terms and / or conditions of the Publisher Partner Program. In that case, you don't get paid. Obviously, we will inquire first if something goes wrong, so you can take action to rectify this without us terminate the contract.

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