Send a route to the RouteYou App on your smartphone

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How do you get a route from the RouteYou website on your smartphone?

That is very easy using the RouteYou App:

  1. Make sure you installed the (free) RouteYou App on your smartphone. If so, go to the next step below. Not yet installed? Click here: download and more info.
  2. On a route page (click here for an example) on in you browser, you can see the download button (above the route profile). Click on the download button and then select download to smartphone.
  3. If you open this page on your smartphone, the app will automatically start and show the selected route. If you click this button on your computer, you will be redirected to a page where you can send the route link as an email (if you are working on a computer, follow step 4 & 5). 
  4. Open this email on your smartphone and follow the instructions.
  5. Ready. The route shows up with your installed RouteYou App on your smartphone.

Note: this works for all public routes on RouteYou (not for private routes).

Can't you use the app on its own without sending an email? 

Sure. When you open the RouteYou app, select the search-module. It allows you to search for any (public) route that is available on the RouteYou platform. Read here how to do this.

We implemented the "download/email"-option to make it easy to open a specific route on your app.

Using routes on RouteYou in other Smartphone apps


The standard exchange format for routes is GPX. Obviously, RouteYou provides this as one of the many formats. A lot of apps allow you to use GPX tracks in the following way: 

Specific apps


Read more here

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