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The RouteYou App


The RouteYou App allows you to choose a route from more then 2 million recreative routes (cycle route, walking and hiking routes, motor routes, mtb trails, horse ride routes, canoe and kayak routes, skeeler routes, ...). These routes are created, managed and shared on the RouteYou website You too can make and share routes on this website and use them in this App. And it's all for free!

The main goal of this RouteYou App is to guide you along the routes from the RouteYou platform ( The App contains a handy overview map (Route Overview) or a list (Route List) to select a route near your current location.

If you want to search a specific route, there are a lot of options with the Route Search. After selecting a route, you can view it (Route View) and expire it 'on the road'.

Download app for free

The RouteYou App for smartphones is free and and available on Google Play (Android) and the App Store (Ios).


Search a route

Searching a route on the app

The Route Search in the RouteYou App allows to search in detail to routes. All (public) routes on the RouteYou platform are searchable with the Route Search in the App. You can refine your search by setting the search parameters:

Email a route to a smarthone via the website

A very convenient way to use routes in your app is first by searchign & exploring the routes on the RouteYou website and from that website email them to your app: read here more about this.

On the road

Use the route on the app

After selecting a route, you can view the route in the Route View module. There you can see your own current (gps) position, de selected route and the POIs (sights) along the route. The map turns in the direction you move (bearing) and pans with your position. You can turn on/off these both options. Nearby a POI, you see a pop-up with the info (text, image, ...) of the POI.


Auto pan

The RouteYou App automatically repositions the map (auto pan) based on your current position. So you can always see where you are on your route and on the map. This is the default setting. But if you are not sure, you can activate this setting in two ways:

Tip: If your "auto pan" is on, and you look at a route not near your current position, you will see that the map repositions automatically after a few seconds. This can be annoying if you wqant to explore that route. In that case, put "auto pan=off".
Note: the auto pan only works if you turn the " position / location " feature of your device on. Default this is usually off.

Rotate map: bearing

There is also an option to rotate the map in the direction of travel (bearing). So you see easily whether to go left, right or straight ahead, because the track is on top of the map.

You can activate this in two ways:


There are no voice instruction , or arrows that indicate whether you should turn left or right. This is covered by the Auto pan + map orientation option.

Record your route while following a route

Read more about this here

Download a route and work offline

When is download useful?

Let's start by indicating that in most cases there is no need to download the route. The app works in most cases well without the need to download that route, because most areas have a decent data connectivity opiton.

Remark: The download of the route usually takes several minutes because not only the track , pictures and texts are downloaded but also ALL background maps in quite some detail, so that is quite a lot of data if you have a long route.

But in the case you go to a country where you don't want to buy a data connectity service, this might be quite useful. Also in the case you go to very remote areas (forests, deserts, mountains...).

In that case check out the "Go offline"-module.

Frequently asked questions about download

When I click to download and then I go back online, I get the message that the route will be deleted. Why?

The route will be erased from the storage memory of your device because the route and especially the underlying map layers occupy a lot of space on your phone. Small devices quickly have a lack of space when serveral routes are downloaded, and peopla are not aware of that. The phone just gets very slow. That's why as default, we erase the route when you go back on-line. 

But can't I download more than one route at a time?

Yes you can! This is how to do it.

Content code

With a specific content code from a RouteYou partner (you can enter it in the Content Code module) you get a specific selection of routes and POIs. Don't forget to reset the content code when you want to see again all the RouteYou routes.


Use the "Setting" module "Instellingen" to configure some nice features to your own preferences (map layer, statistics from the route, automatic pop-up POIs, ...).

In app purchase

You can upgrade your account via the RouteYou App to a Plus account. That offers you a lot of features on the website of & on the app of RouteYou.

On the app you can :

Read here more about the great features of the Plus account.

"How do I know I paid"

Via RouteYou

There you will see what you have purchased from RouteYou. On top of that, you will also receive a message from the provider:


If you have successfully made the purchase, you will receive an email from Google stating that the purchase was made, and in that email the OrderID of the purchase is included.

From the RouteYou website

You visit the RouteYou website and find a nice route that you want to send immediately to you smartphone? That's easy: read more about it.

About RouteYou

RouteYou is a company providing solutions on the domain of recreative navigation and geo-information display. RouteYou offers digital map data and web-tools for tourism, cyclists, hikers, motorbike drivers, ...

Probably, you know us from the community website where you can make and share routes with the routeplanners using the nicest roads, most suitable roads for tourism, cyclists, hikers, motorbike drivers, race cyclists, ...

RouteYou also makes digital maps for recreational GPS applications and is also behind numerous websites linked to the CMS of RouteYou for their recreational/tourist routes and POIs.

Read more about RouteYou as a company.

Your routes of your organization in the RouteYou App?

You are an organisation (touristic service, municipality or city, sport club, hotel, heritage association, educational institution, touristic region, ...) and want to make your routes available via smartphone? That's possible with the Content Code solution of the RouteYou app. Read here more about it.

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