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Mark a route as favorite

You can mark a route as a "favorite" by clicking the "Share" button  (4th from left) at the bottom of the information section of a route detail page[/help^]. You will then get a drop-down menu with the first option being a heart and the message "Add to favorites".

Removing a route from your favorites list

It is also possible to deselect a route as a favorite. This is done as follows.

  1. Find the desired route ([help=411#how-to-find-your-favorite-routes]read here how to find routes you marked as favorites) and click through on that route.
  2. Go to the routes and click on the "Share button"  and select "Remove from favorites".


It's nice to know when someone else appreciates your work. You will receive a message when someone marks your route as a "favorite" through your "Notifications". Read more about "Notifications" and where to find them by clicking here..

What can you do with this? 

How to find your favorite routes?



Partners of RouteYou such as Teasi, allow you to upload routes you mark as favorites (as well as your own RouteYou routes, of course) directly to their device.

In the future you will


Can I 'unfavorite' (dislike) a route?

No. But your dissatisfaction with a route can be expressed through a comment. Read more about that here.

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