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Typology of road condition

Paved good condition

Roads constructed in asphalt, concrete or tiles and in good condition. By this we mean roads where you experience little vibration nuisance; the sensation of vibrations during applications on these roads is not perceived as disturbing and uncomfortable.

Paved bad condition

Verhard Slechte conditie 

Provincie Vlaams Brabant

Roads constructed in asphalt, concrete or tiles that show many potholes and irregularities due to intensive use or poor maintenance. The condition of this road can often lead to discomfort and material breakdown. Roads in cobblestone are also placed in this class because they are often experienced as roads with a lot of vibration nuisance.

Unpaved good condition

The rule we use is the following: if an unpaved road is still passable after 1 week of rain, then it is an unpaved road in good condition. In other words, it must be pleasant cycling for users with a recreational bicycle. Usually, these kinds of roads are favored by recreational cyclists and walkers, but not, for example, by race cyclists.

Usually these types of roads also have a type of (loose) pavement that is called semi-paved. These paths are often constructed in loose-base material such as crushed stone or gravel on a foundation. The loose material is often processed or reinforced.

Paved bad condition

Onverhard slechte conditie


Paths in soft pavement and without foundation; for extensive use. Too intensive use or bad weather conditions often results in deep puddles and ruts on these trails. These trails are often used for more adventurous walks, as mountain bike or bridle paths, fire roads or service roads.

As map layer

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to choose the roads suitable for your route. That is why, based on our pavement classification, we created a map layer in which various road characteristics are indicated. Also in this map layer you see a distinction between good and rugged unpaved roads as well as cobblestones, roads with incomplete pavement or a paved road surface in poor condition.

icoon beschijving
Cobblestones: road or path in cobblestones
Road has a paving with structure (concrete blocks, tiles, ...) or a paved road surface in poor condition.
Road has an unpaved but stable road surface which is of good quality. Usually this road surface consists of fine, stamped materials such as crushed stones or pebbles.
Road has an unpaved road surface in loose materials or soil, often subject to rutting. Often difficult to drive in wet conditions.

Once zoomed in enough, the geometry of the path or road appears; cobblestones are represented by a grey line, unpaved of good quality is represented by a yellow line, rugged unpaved is represented by an orange line.

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